Reflective Media Productions, a subsidiary of RLM, produces high quality media content focusing on spiritual and mental wellness through the creation of films, series, curriculum, podcasts, and short form videos.

Curriculum Programs

Every project we produce has the end in mind - helping people find spiritual hope and healing. All of our feature films and episodes are based on a biblical message with follow-up resources.

In 2019-2020 we plan to release

• 4 short films

• 2 Breaking Stronghold episodes

• 5 Mom Skillz one-minute videos

• 3 Public Service Announcements (PSA)


We will partner with twenty churches across the country offering biblically based curriculum complete with video and follow-up resources.

Non-Profit Organizations/Ministries

Our goal is to partner with five other parachurch organizations in promoting spiritual and mental wellness. RLM/RMP embraces the opportunity to create Public Service Announcements (PSA), video content, podcasts, and written material for ministries that share our same mission.

Stronger Alliance

The Stronger Alliance is a website connecting faith-based organizations and resources with those seeking hope and healing from traumatic events. Our goal is to add five new faith-based organizations per quarter to the website. For example, groups focusing on PTSD, suicide prevention, veterans groups, first responders, burn survivors, addiction recovery, sex-trafficking, sexual abuse, and more.

Prison Ministry Partnerships

In 2019-2020, we are partnering with established men and women’s prison ministries in Texas by providing them with complimentary We Are Stronger Event Packs to show the movie in 28 prison units reaching over 3000 inmates. To date, 2500 male inmates have seen the movie and 300 have completed the We Are Stronger: Going Deeper 6-week small group study.

Speaking Engagements

We will be involved with at least ten speaking events in 2019-2020 including topics such as team building, producers and actors/actresses panels, corporate luncheons, conference keynote speakers, and more.