What People are Saying about Reflective Life Ministries...


"We left the retreat changed! I am so grateful the Lord put you in our path. The way you took time to meet everyone individually and how you ministered to many one-on-one blessed all the ladies. Your authentic and transparent personality created a safe place for us to also be real in our small groups. The way you intertwined your life stories with the messages opened our hearts and minds to understanding and applying God’s Word to our everyday lives. Thank you for sharing the love of Christ with us!” -Veronica Gonzalez, FBC Richmond

"I was blessed to hear you teach last night! When my husband asked how my night went, I said it was amazing! I described you as a "little ball of fire." I was driving to work this morning, I realized that not only are you a little ball of fire, but you are on fire for the Lord! I've heard that expression many times, but last night I was able to experience it first hand. Thank you for you enthusiasm for God. Also, thank you for being open and honest."  -Virgina Lee, Dallas, TX-Virgina Lee, Dallas, TX

"I am honored to say I have had two fantastic experiences with Carla McDougal of Reflective Life Ministries. I attended two of her conferences/Retreats (Walking on High Heels and Operation Basic Training) in the past two years and cannot say enough about her heart for Jesus. Her speaking and ministry is purely based on the Word of God and her stories throughout sessions delight so many. She has touched hearts deeply with Godly wisdom in ways that have lasting impression. It has been a blessing to get to know Carla. She is a loving, giving, humble servant of The Lord and her ministry is all for the glory of God!! I look forward to being in fellowship and worship with her and the many opportunities/conferences RLM has to offer in the future. Her smile and personality light up a room and Jesus surely shines in and through her! Praising God for Carla and how she serves The Lord in all that she does. Thank you Carla McDougal of Reflective Life Ministries!" -Tara Coppola, Retreat in Speculator, NY

"We were very pleased to have Carla as our special speaker for an annual fundraising event for our organization. Genuine, smart, funny, relate-able...she did a beautiful job and is an amazing person. If you are looking for the real deal, look no further. You will not be disappointed!" - Lenora Coates, Life Point Fellowship, TX

"Your energy and excitement about the Bible study and Jesus are contagious. I was doing everything I could to simply sit and observe. Please know that you had a sister-in-Christ in the audience wanting to jump around and cheer with you, but I was trying my hardest to stay contained. Thank you for laying it all out there for Jesus. You are reaching people - and He is doing the shining. Stacy Jordon, Houston , TX


"I want to thank you for your Bible study - Reflecting Him. I am just finishing week ten. I really felt as though you were talking to me so many times in this study. It had been almost a year since my last Bible study. I had many excuses for not joining, but was really in need of a study. I was not spending as much time with God. I want to thank you for Reflecting Him. God used it to send me back to my Bible and worshiping God. Thank you very much for the time you put into writing Reflecting Him so that I could become closer to Christ." - The Chapel, Chicago, IL

"Oh Carla, I was so blessed by week 3! Tracy presented it so well, by lighting abba candles, dimming the lights and baking unleaven bread. The mood was set for our hearts to just allow our Lord in, what a blessing it was to me!! I felt like I was word, or in awe or just filled with the Holy Spirit, I cannot explain it, sweet lady!! Thank you for allowing our Lord to utilize you so share his word!" -Shelly Kaye, Cyfair Christian Church

"I just closed my study, Reflecting Him, and feel a true sense of accomplishment laced with sadness. The study had become such an important part of my day. I would start out thinking that I could complete my day's homework in 30 minutes and found that with each passage and question God would take me on a journey that surpassed time and space. We would be so united in heart and spirit... He would prompt me to research and ponder. Some mornings I would be amazed that I had sat at His feet for 2 hours! I pray that you and I will have another journey together in the future. I'll be waiting for your next study. Good job good and faithful servant." -Tina Roeder, Bible Study Coordinator

"You are so dear to me, and I want you to understand the doors and windows God threw open while going through Reflecting Him are are still streaming in light, comfort, and understanding! I continue to praise God for your faithfulness and obedience, your willingness to make yourself vulnerable in order to touch others with Gods' love and mercy through Reflecting Him." - Michelle Walker, Dallas, TX

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