Accuracy from the Start

Building a ministry? Paralyzed by decisions? In this session, Carla offers practical steps for developing and shaping a ministry. You will leave fired up and ready to move forward!

The Dream Team

Teamwork means less work. God designed us to work together. But why obstacles interrupt this unity? This session focuses on Psalm 133, encouraging oneness, love, and teamwork.

Steady Your Aim

Balancing Family, Ministry, and Life. Managing marriage, family, and ministry can be tough. Carla walks you through tools to ensure you find the right balance.  

Reach for the Goal

Discover fresh and create ways to reach ministry goals with your team. In this session, we discover how the Lord calls us, as leaders, to be  upwardly focused, inwardly connected and outwardly reaching.

Fresh Beginnings

Refuel. Refresh. Rebuild!  Do you feel like you are out of creative and innovative ideas? Is your area of ministry in need of a fresh start, a renewed enthusiasm? This session brings a sigh of relief and encourages a fresh perspective for ministry.

Called to Ministry… Now What?

Peter sets the stage for leaders who are called to serve in ministry. Discover ways to build the ministry God has for you to accomplish.

Increase Your Ministry Wattage

Fullness of a Ministry = Increased Time in Prayer + Increased Time in God’s Word + A Servant’s Heart + Edifying Words. Discover ways to electrify the ministry God for you to accomplish.