What is the purpose of Prayer? How does prayer affect a Believers life? This session is designed to encourage intimate communication with the Lord. One that changes your heart, mind and soul! Learn from the disciples and the church in Acts how prayer affected their desire to take everything to the Lord in prayer. As a result, their inward change affect their outward actions! What a privilege we have to take everything to the Lord in Prayer From the Inside-Out!

I have been patiently waiting and still haven't seen an answer to my prayer! Has this statement ever crossed your mind? Have you wondered why it takes so long for your prayers to be answered? Many times it is in The Waiting Room where God does His most powerful work. Together we examine in Luke 1, how Elizabeth and Zechariah responded to their time in The Waiting Room. We discuss hot to apply those same principals to our own lives when God calls us to endurance and persist through difficult times. This is a fun and very practical session for daily walking in the Light of Jesus!

Why are we made with certain character qualities? Maybe some you wish were different? Do you deal with any thoughts like, "If only I was a few inches taller, if my feet weren't so huge, if I was like my sibling, or if I was more intelligent." Why did God create you with certain characteristics and place you in your particular family ? In this session, we look at the life of Jeremiah, his relationship with God, and God's purpose for molding him to be a prophet for the Kingdom of God. Together we will discover how important it is to Celebrate Treasured Gifts that God has given you to use for His glory!

Inspired by Carla’s grandmama, this My Prayer Chair session focuses on developing a living, walking, breathing relationship with Jesus - 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Based on her awarding-winning book My Prayer Chair she reveals real-life stories that capture the audiences heart. Perfect for a kickoff to the My Prayer Chair Bible study! Based on Deut. 4:9.

Passing the “prayer torch” to the next generation. How can we affect our children and grandchildren? What does prayer have to do with it? After this session the audience walks away inspired and encouraged to pass the “Prayer Torch” onto others. Based on Psalm 145:4.

Prayer is God’s design. He opens the door for His children to join Him in one-on-one communication through His Son Jesus with the guidance of The Holy Spirit. God doesn’t force us to pray, He invites us to prayer. His Word offers the blueprint needed to design each day of our lives.
Have you ever wondered, “Do I pray to God or Jesus?” This topic focuses on John 16:12-15 and offers a clear understanding to this deep-rooted question. This powerful topic opens the door of understanding on ways to deepen your prayer life - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In order to get to the second floor of a building we must step-up to the next level. It takes effort to walk up the stairs. The same goes with prayer. We experience a more intimate relationship with Jesus when we step-up our communication with Him. This fun-filled topic encourages the audience to “Step-Up” their prayer life. Based on 1 Samuel 12:23.

What is prayer? How does prayer work? From her own experience, Carla sheds light on the fact that God desires us to live, breath, walk in Jesus every moment of the day. Based on Romans 8:26-27.