Be joyful always. Pray continually. Give thanks in all things. 1Thes.5:16-18          

Imagine a "Day at the SPA." What thoughts pop into your mind? A time to relax, a moment to unwind and pamper yourself, or maybe just an escape from your daily routine. The dictionary defines the word spa as a watering place, a health resort near a spring or at the seaside. Isn't it interesting, the common denominator in each definition is water.

Our newest retreat bundle, The S.P.A. Embrace, focuses on the spring of "Living Water" that never runs dry - Jesus! Tranquility is the watchword as we calmly move through each Treatment and submerge ourselves in the purpose of prayer. This retreat centers on prayer as the key to a serene and peaceful walk with Jesus. We encourage each "client" to wash in the Word of God daily. This process removes calluses and opens the pores, preparing our bodies for a soothing and relaxing therapeutic experience. When we practice these treatments regularly we can’t help but transform our attitudes! By the time you leave The S.P.A Embrace you will be encouraged, equipped and excited to face the daily challenges in your life! Get ready for some laughter, new connections and lots of memories!

Treatment 1: Too Blessed to Be Stressed - Be Joyful Always

Treatment 2: It’s a Bad Hair Day - Pray Continuously

Treatment 3: Manicure the Attitude - Let Thankfulness Flow