Think of your spiritual life as a Dot-to-Dot puzzle. With each dot marking a special divine connection or event in your life. This retreat theme is sure to bring laughter, heart-warming stories, and more importantly connecting the Word of God to our lives. This retreat has three sessions focusing on John 15 and understanding what it means to "abide" in Jesus every day. RLM's playwright, Robin Murray, created a mini-drama called "Living Dot-to-Dot. We follow the "Dot-tectives" as they seek to connect the dots to the true meaning of life.

Connecting the DOTS Retreat Focus… 3 Sessions––John 15

Session 1 - Connecting to The Word of God
Session 2 - John 15:1-10 - Connecting to True Vine - Jesus
Session 3 - John 15:11-27 - Connecting to Holy Spirit and Believers

Throughout this retreat theme you will complete a "My Spiritual Dot-to-Dot Puzzle." This project opens your heart and eyes to the ways God has worked in your own life through different people and even specific events and situations. This is one you don't want to miss.

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