How do we, as believers, live in this world and not of this world? How do we experience daily victories as Christian women, and at the same time, recognize attacks from the enemy?

Operation Basic Training: Equipping Yourself for the Battle is based on Ephesians 6:10-20 and focuses on how to live a victorious Christian life through Jesus Christ. The first session is an overview of the Armor of God and how we were given this armor the instant we accepted Jesus as the Lord and Savior of our lives. The following sessions look at the number of battles we face on a daily basis:

The Battle of Circumstances
The Battle with Priorities
The Battle with the Mind, Thoughts and Emotions
The Battle in Relationships

In each session we dive into The Word of God and examine what the scriptures say about each issue. We will not only focus on Ephesians, we will investigate and explore God's commands and promises that relate to each specific battle.

An extremely important aspect of this retreat is what we call "Combat Huddles". You might be used to calling them small groups. Each woman is prayerfully assigned to a huddle and remains in that huddle throughout the retreat/conference. Huddle Time is designed to help each woman fully embrace what God's message, as well as allow them an opportunity to listen to what God is teaching others. Each Huddle Time is directed by a Fox Hole Warrior (Leader) who will use the questions provided to guide their time together. Ultimately, our prayer is that each woman will feel the comfort of our Lord, and allow herself to peel back the mask and reveal the true beauty and strength within herself.

Retreat Bundle Specifics
   ● Custom designed study booklet that follows the lectures, guides for personal time, Combat Huddle (small group) discussion questions  
   ● Black and white logo and full color logo are provided for your marketing needs
   ● Marketing tools, such as announcements, Draft Notices, newsletter articles, all customized for your retreat
   ● Two custom designed skits
   ● Carla as your speaker for the weekend